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Frequently Asked Questions



DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE of £40 and will be deducted on final balance after treatment.

YOU HAVE A 24 hour notice to change appointment. 

If your down as a no show under no obligation will you receive a deposit refund.

If you have Covid and can supply evidence to show via the government testing we can reschedule your appointment.


If you have had Covid vaccination please allow 2 weeks after to book for treatments as can cause side effects.


18 and above only to be considered for treatments and no children are allowed in the environment.

ID can be required if asked upon treatment. 




What is HA Dermal Filler?

Dermal filler is a natural substance from within the body containing hyaluronic acid. It can be used in specific areas below eye level to enhance profile, remove unwanted lines, rejuvenate and used to contour or correct a desired area needing correction, lacking elasticity, needing volume,hydration and to help diminish unwanted lines and creases.

Dermal filler can be used to the following areas of the face. 


Nose - known as liquid non surgical rhinoplasty. Dermal filler used to enhance the profile of the nose, reducing bridge bumps and to enhance the tip of the nose which also helps along with the length. It can require a top up depending on the person.

Again all will be discussed within the consultation of gaining those desired results.

Lasting time: 6-9months depending on the person and aftercare is followed correctly.

Cheeks - Dermal filler is used to lift & enhancing profile of the cheeks. To gain youthful appearance if volume has been lost. Creating contour and definition for those desired wanted high cheek bones or gain volume on the cheeks due to elasticity lost.

9-12 months depending on person & aftercare is followed correctly. 


Lips - Bonitos signature techniques can gain enhancement of the lips depending on desired look wanted. Dermal filler creates or enhance’s the cupid’s bow, shape, define, restore rejuvenation, correct and gain a smooth finish.

Gradual building is safer as less trauma to the lips gaining better results.

Lasting time 6-12 months depending on the person and correct aftercare is followed to help maintain the product.


Deep & fine Lines - Restoring a youthful & rejuvenated look. It can be a process depending on how deep the lines are. It’s all about training, softening and aiming to get rid of unwanted lines & creases. Results can be instant.

The areas are:


Nasolabial folds (smile lines), Marionette Lines & Jowls - enhancing a rejuvenated youthful look. Removing and training those unwanted lines & creases. Smokers lines training or removing unwanted lines & creases.  Lasting 6-12months 


Chin - Dermal filler can create definition for the jowl area and profile along with removing lines & dimples creating a sharper look or gaining definition for profile. This can be a great combination with jawline filler.

Lasting 6-12 months


Jawline - Restoring definition to the lower face to gain the chiselled subtle youthful look. Combined with cheek and chin this can be a great overall look to your profile.

6-12 months 


Dermal filler can also be used for other lines not in the danger zones & can be great for scar correction.

When Can I Have More Dermal Filler?

The same brand can be used 2-3 weeks later depending on the person and if you wish to change brand you will have to wait 6 weeks.

Can Dermal Filler Be Removed?

I am qualified to carry out and administer in an emergency situation, dissolving the filler using hyaluronidase.

This substance mixed with saline breaks down unwanted filler the side effects can result in swelling and bruising until the filler is broken down can take up to a couple of days to calm down and may need more than one session to get the filler gone.

Upon consultation I will assess and review in two weeks. 


Your natural lips will reinstate and you can by all means have new dermal filler and start a new journey if you wish to.

Costs will apply by the amount you wish to have and a review by myself is carried out & no more dissolving needs to be done then this can be carried out.


A patch test will be required if a client generally wants to dissolve & correct or start again.

However in emergency it is the safest option to reduce any major complications. Hyaluronidase is prescribed to me as a prescription by my prescriber and is always to hand. A Patch test is required to ensure you are suitable to and it’s safe to administer the substance.


Toxin is administered with insulin injections (very tiny) to the muscles to temporarily relax and remove or soften unwanted wrinkles and lines in 3 areas below. The toxin will reach full effect by up to 14 days. It can last anywhere between 3-6 months 

Toxin is prescribed to me by my prescriber who will assess you to see if you are suitable for treatment prior and if suitable I can order for the next day. Just to add I pay prescription fees and other fees to carry out this treatment so please be mindful that the toxin is prescribed in your name and appointment needs to be followed up. So please be serious when considering this treatment.


Frontalis - Softening or removing Horizontal forehead lines depending on how deep the lines are & Lifting the brows.


Corrugators supercilii - To remove or soften frown lines depending on how deep the lines are.


Lateral or orbicularis oculi - Crows feet - (eye level) the purpose is for removing or softening the lines and to give the brow tail lift.


Anti toxin can also be placed to lift the tail of the brows if you option for this specifically.


Anti wrinkle toxin Can require a top up upon consultation 2 weeks later and there is an additional cost for this £30. Every person’s muscles are different and it is best to under dose rather than over dose. Some people require some movement or prefer the more tighter look can be discussed upon consultation with myself.


The treatment is required 3-4 months apart for the first year. Over time the muscles relax and the receptors become less active you will need less treatments getting further and further apart if you keep up with having toxin. Men require more units as it is known they have naturally stronger muscles. 


The treatment is a safe & sufficient process along with minimal pain & downtime along with minor side effects like bruising & swelling. This treatment is temporary & will eventually return to its natural state. Keeping up is key!


Skin surface injections, placing micro droplets to the needed area/areas to help gain rejuvenation, tighten, lifts, regenerate skin cells, improves under the eye concerns, restores & gives a high level of HA for hydration, helping with the texture of the skin, pigmentation & acne scaring with either of the following treatments 


The Award winning profhilo, 



All contain amino acids & high levels of HA. Each have different purposes to target each individuals skins needs.

Upon consultation we can gain desired results. 

All require more than one session to gain the best results. 

Will assess upon consultation when you come in. 


Minimal downtime & minimal side effects it is a very safe treatment. Results are proven to be amazing!


A semi permanent treatment for those who have hair loss over time or due to having to be treated with chemotherapy & can have microblading if treatment has stopped or those who have other health conditions. I can also correct & cover previous faded tattoos, faded microblading upon assessment it may not require just a top up as I may have to cover previous work and correct.


Microblading can be great for enhancing brow definition for a fuller look. To gain the perfect brows to suit your face shape I measure and create by ur natural face shape, using the golden ratio rule to gain perfect pre drawed brows.


Numbing cream is then applied 20 minutes before the procedure is carried out. Hair strokes are placed with creative skill and technique, creating natural hair like strokes to fill in any gaps and to lengthen if needed as prior to assessment and will be carried out before your treatment to ensure you are gaining those desired brows!


Exclusive to Bonitos- 

  • Top quality pigment is used. 

  • When needing a top up pink or orange patches is definitely not the case when having microblading done with bonitos just brown faded hair strokes in time for top up.

  • Requires top up to complete the full session and must be taken within 5-6 weeks later which is included in the price


Lasting 12-18 months depending on the person. Patch testing will be carried for pigmentation.


Making your treatments as comfortable as possible during and after.


All treatments are carried out with numbing cream applied to the area being treated 20 minutes before to help with any discomfort and will ease the pain with injections.


It is a relaxed & calming environment Ensuring you are fully distracted with music and other distraction mechanisms to help along with your treatment.

It is natural to feel nervous some more than others but I can guarantee you will be back and you will walk away with a total different outlook if you are nervous or had previous bad experiences.

Sometimes the build up to your treatment can enhance your nerves. 

Being as calm as possible during treatment is vital and helps along with a smooth process to gain those best results.


I have the ability to get anyone through I have had clients in that normally faint and don’t, clients who have needle phobia and have overcome that fear. I am very comforting, I have great sense of humour and can make you smile. I will always offer a drink or a break especially if having more than one treatment and ensure that I am with you through the whole process step by step. All treatments are carried out safely and in a clinical sterile environments using top quality CE approved products.


Along with any procedure comes along with complication risk factors. It is my duty as an injector to ensure you are fully aware of all complication risks. I will take into consideration your previous medical History before any treatment is carried out ensuring you are a perfect candidate to be able to have any of the treatments I offer and always keeping you in safe hands the whole way through.


Risk factors will be explained 

Consent forms will need to be signed 

Aftercare will be explained and you will have a copy of the aftercare to hand or over to your preferred device & a follow up check and support is given after your treatment.


Botox & Filler Pre-Treatment Instructions

7 Days Before -

  • To avoid bruising it is best not to take any anti-inflammatory medication or pain relievers that are blood thinners such as Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil or Motrin

  • Avoid the following vitamins & supplements: Vitamin E, Fish Oil, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Ginkgo Biloba, Garlic, Ginger, Cayenne, Licorice  Flax Seed Oil and COQ10

  • Avoid drinking alcohol a few days before treatment since it, too, is a blood thinner

  • Sunburned skin is difficult to treat so avoid exposure to the sun before your appointment

  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, tweezing, facial scrubs or the use of hair removal cream on the area to be treated

  • If you have a tendency to bruise easily, start taking Arnica Montana, an oral  homeopathic medication 3-4 days before treatment to help promote healing, minimise bruising and swelling. It is available at health food stores, Whole Foods and the Giant Eagle Pharmacy department. It comes in an oral tablet and topical cream may be helpful after treatment.

  • If you have a history of cold sores (Perioral Herpes) the doctor will prescribe a medication for you to start the day before or the day of treatment.

  • Always inform your clinician of all medications including antibiotics, high blood pressure medication, Coumadin, Plavix, or other blood thinners as well as your medical history.

Other Important Information - 

  • Patients should be in good overall health

  • Do not use Botox or Dermal Fillers if you are pregnant/breastfeeding

  • Do not use Botox if you are allergic to eggs or any of it's ingredients or if you suffer from any neurological disorders

  • Active skin infections are a contraindication to treatment

  • It is not recommended to have Botox treatments less than 90 days apart

  • Stay well hydrated before and after filler treatment. Dermal filler attracts and binds to water to add volume to the skin

  • The most common side effect is bruising and swelling. It is NOT advisable to have injections less than 2 weeks before a big event


Dermal filler & anti wrinkle Toxin post treatment. 


For Full healing please allow up to 14 days and up to 4 days for any swelling and bruising to calm down. These are very normal side effects.

Botox & Filler Post-Treatment Instructions - 

  • Do not massage, rub or apply pressure to the treated area for 6 hours after treatment

  • Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and drinking alcohol for a few days following treatment

  • Do not exercise for 24 hours

  • Apply topical Arnica Monana cream to any areas with redness, bruising or swelling

  • Avoid expore to the sun and cold outdoor activities until redness from treatment disapeers

  • Do not restart Retinol or Retin-A for 2 days

If you had Botox today - 

  • Stay erect, do not lie down for at least 4 hours

  • You may experience occasional tingling sensations

  • An immediate headache is common especially, if it is your first botox treatment

  • It can take 2-14 days to take full effect. Botox can last 3-4 months

  • Makeup can be reapplied after treatment

If you had Filler today - 

  • Avoid kissing, puckering, using a straw, and 'lip plumper'. This can displace the filler material and cause complications.

  • Immediately apply lips to the area treated with very light pressure to reduce swelling.

  • Ice should be applied for 10-20 minutes and then removed for 10-20 minutes. This cycle can be continued throughout today.

  • Mild to moderate bruising is very common with fillers. Apply topical and/or oral Arnica Montana to help with any areas of bruising and/or swelling.

  • Stay well hydrated can improve results. Filler attracts and binds to water to add volume to the skin

  • Avoid facials, peel, microdermabrasion, dental treatment, "face down" massages for two weeks. Also, sleep on your back for the next few nights.

  • If possible, avoid makeup today. Gentle cleansing and moisturiser is fine.

  • The effect of filler is immediate with full effect in 7 days.

** Call your doctor or the salon immediately to report any pain, redness, blisters, itching, or skin blanching.


  • Do keep eye area dry 3-5 days

  • Do apply vaseline for around 2 weeks

  • Don't touch/scratch eyebrows during healing

  • Don't sauna/sunbathe/swim for around 2 weeks

  • Do come back for top up to get final results after healing

  • Avoid energy drinks, alcohol, aspirin/ibroprofen before treatment

Microblading Emotions

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