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Bonitos Aesthetics

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Hello and thank you if you are choosing to maybe consider treatments at Bonitos 


I want to start with letting you know I have a heart warming passion to ensure that clients walk away with confidence.

Being in the modelling industry from such a young age I know just how to do that it’s in my blood. Then comes the skills gained through hard work dedication, intense training and achieving numerous CPD approved qualifications gained at one of the best training academies in the Country, trained by top medical professionals, 


In regards to all my training I have received over the years. I have had well above the required amount of practice in advanced Aesthetics and microblading, meeting all the required government standards, rules, regulations and I will continue to abide by the government’s rules and regulations, keeping standards at a high level.


It is my duty, my passion to deliver results in the cosmetic industry to all my clients, As a fully CPD accredited qualified practitioner, I carry out treatments on people to ensure they not only feel good about themselves by the results created with nothing but good intention, but to make them look amazing whether it is improving, correcting or gaining their confidence back in a sensible manner! This is something I have always known to do naturally so I feel it’s a gift along side delivering results through skill.


 I am a perfectionist and precise in all the treatments I carry out, making sure I take my time.. Achieving desired results for all my clients is everything to me. I can truly say I am in this industry for the right reasons enhancing peoples natural features and not ruining them.

I have a 5 star rating and constant positive reviews and continued praise for the work I have carried out & had many well known companies within this industry give me such amazing credit for my work including filler brands using my work to show best results. I have been asked to work in Harley street and other big clinics. My training academy were very impressed with my work lots of great feedback on every level. I have a natural ability within all the work I have carried out under observation and I can honestly say I have always had the confidence to carry out and achieve those desired results for my clients.


Offering a vast range of Advanced Cosmetic treatments and Microblading. Patient safety is number one priority, I have qualifications to carry out in emergency situations and knowing how to deal with complications. It’s vital you know that you are in safe hands and that you know I have nothing but best intentions for you all the way through and after treatment. 


Treatments are carried out in a clean sterile environment, a service provided that I can guarantee you will certainly return along with a history of loyal regular clientele. All treatments are carried out with the highest levels of standards, top quality products CE approved, along with professionalism and a one of a kind service given to you throughout your whole journey with bonitos upon consultation, during & post- treatment along with continued support and aftercare follow ups. 

I like to think my work speaks for itself. I deliver results and have transformed people’s confidence and have carried out many corrections. Take a look for yourself, actions speak louder than words. Always choose your injector carefully, do your research and please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Do your research and look at work carried out before and after photographs and reviews.


It is important we keep you safe as an industry. Question yourself as to why some treatments may be lower in price what is being used to carry out the treatment? Are you being practised upon for qualification and are you okay with that?

If you decide to choose Bonitos I can assure that you will be getting a above and beyond service and top quality products are always used to carry out all treatments. Quality is key.

A business name chosen that represents beauty and in memory of a very dear best friend, who will stay forever young. She was not only beautiful on the inside but perfect on the outside to.


She will always be the definition of beautiful to me and I will carry her through with me for the rest of my life. Memories will be forever cherished. If you choose to become a client at Bonitos, I want you to know that I am truly grateful and it will be a privilege to carry out the treatment of your choice.


Medically trained, fully qualified and insured.

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